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St.Polycarpe, Quebec, May 10, 2013:
How our Beer Soap is made

Notes from Julia: I said the wrong thing “the white stuff” is actually organic extra virgin coconut oil, not olive oil, which I already talked about in other bowl... Guess I was nervous! 

Also I had wanted to explain a bit about the lye. I don’t want to scare people with all my talk of fumes, gloves and safety wear! Though lye is caustic when mixed with water (in this case beer) and the soap mixture is itself caustic at first, it becomes completely benign once it saponifies and cures. The lye has acted as a catalyst to make the oils and water into soap, and does not exist as lye in the finished product.

P.S. Don't mind my dorkiness in the first frame, I didn't realize the camera was rolling!