Julia Sinclair-Smith has always been interested in skin care products and natural properties. Through this committed passion, she has gained extensive knowledge of raw materials and properties and how they interact with skin. Julia handles all product development: creating new products, ingredient selection, procurement of raw materials and the manufacture and packaging of said products.

Having moved back to the family farm in St. Polycarpe, Quebec to Start Smith Farms, she gets to enjoy the country life where she is able to pursue her pastimes of running, cycling and x-country skiing. Other hobbies include cooking and sewing her own clothing, and spending time with her many cat rescues!


Rebecca Sinclair-Smith’s background is in graphic design, she previously owned her own marketing company. Rebecca handles the marketing side of the business including the branding, web site and promotional materials.

Most of Rebecca’s spare time is taken up with her young and energetic daughters Madeline (5) and Isabella (4). When not tearing her hair out with the children, she enjoys cooking, eating, running and nights out with grown ups.


Although they each possess their own roles and have different strengths, this only serves to strengthen their well-rounded partnership. As sisters, their shared outlooks make for a seamless vision of where they want Smith Farms to go. Their history as siblings also gives them the experience and know-how to resolve most differing of opinions, whether through calm mediation or smack down fights. As well as sisters, they are the best of friends.
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