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What does Facial Toner do?

by Valerie Lonergan 07 May 2019

Orange Blossom Facial Toner - What does toner do?

What does facial toner do?

One thing's for certain: this ain't the harsh blue alcohol toner you may remember from your high school days!

Our Orange Blossom Facial Toner is refreshing, lightly cleansing and formulated to balance the skin without over drying it. It also restores your skin's pH level to its natural state.

Why is this so important? The wrong pH value can leave skin vulnerable to acne, sensitivity—even eczema.

Our ingredients at work:

Orange blossom water and witch hazel freshen and tone the skin, while aloe vera soothes it. Aspen bark extract helps calm inflammation while extracts of gingko biloba leaf, olive leaf, green, white and rooibos tea leaf offer powerful antioxidant action to help heal and protect the skin.

Lightly scented with orange blossom flower water and essential oil.

Learn more about the ingredients we choose here.

Who can benefit from using it?

The cleanser, toner and moisturizer are your go-to healthy skin trio for all skin types. It's very gentle on sensitive skin and skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

To use it, squeeze a few drops onto a cotton pad and gently wipe your face and neck after washing, before applying moisturizer.

(TIP: a cotton pad really is the way to go; it gives an extra bit of gentle exfoliation and you'll waste too much product if you use your fingers or a tissue).

See the Orange Blossom Facial Toner and read what other natural-beauty seekers thought of it here!

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